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Voodoo (2LP)

180g Black Vinyl | Standard Edition | 2 LP
Release: 21-08-2015

€ 3799

Wordt maandag, 25-09-2023 verzonden.

D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' is a mesmerizing masterpiece, seamlessly blending soul, funk, and R&B. With sensual grooves and raw, introspective lyrics, it's an album that transcends time. D'Angelo's velvet-smooth voice takes you on a hypnotic journey, while the innovative production and stellar musicianship create an otherworldly experience. 'Voodoo' is a testament to D'Angelo's artistry, a sonic elixir that captivates your senses and leaves you craving for more. Lose yourself in the seductive magic of 'Voodoo,' where music becomes an ethereal force that moves your soul.
D'Angelo Disc 1
1Playa Playa
2Devil's Pie
3Left And Right
1The Line
2Send It On
3Chicken Grease
4One Mo'Gin
D'Angelo Disc 2
1The Root
2Spanish Joint
3Feel Like Makin' Love
2Untitled (How Does It Feel)
Releasedatum 21-08-2015
Producttype Vinyl
Inhoud 2 LP
Editie Standard Edition
Vinyl details 180g Black Vinyl
Exclusive Nee
Reissue Nee
Boxset Nee
Coloured Vinyl Nee
EAN 0602547240842