Tony Allen | There Is No End (Standard 2LP)

Tony Allen | There Is No End (Standard 2LP)

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    Tony Allen | There Is No End (Standard 2LP)

    Release Date: 7 mei 2021

    “I play yours, you play mine. The music never ends.”

    The wisdom of Tony's words was as deep as his grooves, and these two sentences, which announce the dozen songs that follow, truly capture the spirit of There is No End.

    For a man “born into rhythms,” the thousands of grooves he recorded, the innumerable more he performed on stages the world over, the collaborations from Fela and Ginger Baker half a century ago to Damon Albarn and Bernard Purdie today, all make it clear that while the album before you marks the coda of a legendary career, it will inspire generations more of musicians, artists and fans who hear it.

    There is No End is a truly unique album. Tony's motivating concept and desire was to work with younger artists, and especially the new generation of rappers, and give them voice in a time of global turmoil when music has never been more important – not necessarily as a “weapon” for the future in the manner of Fela's violently political songs, but also as medicine to heal a fractured world today.
    There Is No End featuring : Skepta, Sampa The Great, Lava La Rue, Ben Okri,  Jeremiah Jae, Nah Eeto, Tsunami, Koreantown Oddity, Marlowe, Nate Bone….


    1. Tony’s Praeludium
    2. Stumbling Down - Featuring Sampa The Great
    3. Crushed Grapes - Featuring Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon
    4. Très magnifique - Featuring Tsunami
    5. Mau Mau - Featuring Nah Eeto
    6. Coonta Kinte - Featuring Zelooperz
    7. Rich Black - Featuring Koreatown Oddity
    8. One Inna Million - Featuring Lava La Rue
    9. Gang On Holiday (Em I Go We?) - Featuring Jeremiah Jae
    10. Deer In Headlights - Featuring Danny Brown
    11. Hurt Your Soul - Featuring Nate Bone
    12. My Own - Featuring Marlowe
    13. Cosmosis - Featuring Ben Okri + Skepta
    14. There’s No End

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