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“Sail On Sailor” – Carl And The Passions and Holland (Deluxe 2CD)

Deluxe Edition | 2 CD
Release: 02-12-2022

€ 2500

Wordt woensdag, 27-09-2023 verzonden.

The Beach Boys “Sail On Sailor“ collection celebrates the landmark 1972 albums “Carl And The Passions” and “Holland.” This 2CD set features fully remastered versions of the original albums and 12 previously unreleased bonus tracks.
The Beach Boys CD1
1You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
2Here She Comes
3He Come Down
5Hold On, Dear Brother
6Make It Good
7All This Is That
8Cuddle Up
9The Road Not Taken
10All This Is That
11He Come Down
12You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
14Make It Good
15Cuddle Up
16Carl & The Passions/Pet Sounds Promo
17Intro To 2nd Set: Jack Rieley
18You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone
20Only With You
21California Saga (Big Sur)
22Funky Pretty
The Beach Boys CD2
1Sail On, Sailor
3California Saga (Big Sur)
4California Saga (The Beaks Of Eagles)
5California Saga (California)
6The Trader
7Leaving This Town
8Only With You
9Funky Pretty
10Mt. Vernon And Fairway (Theme)
11I'm The Pied Piper
12Better Get Back In Bed
13Magic Transistor Radio
14I'm The Pied Piper
15Radio King Dom
16We Got Love
17Hard Time
18Carry Me Home
19California Saga (The Beaks Of Eagles)
20California Saga (California)
21Sail On, Sailor
22"Holland" Promo 1
23Sail On, Sailor
Releasedatum 02-12-2022
Producttype CD
Inhoud 2 CD
Editie Deluxe Edition
Exclusive Nee
Reissue Nee
Boxset Nee
Coloured Vinyl Nee
EAN 0602445859269