Thin Lizzy | Renegade (LP)

Thin Lizzy | Renegade (LP)

€ 22,99

    Thin Lizzy | Renegade (LP)

    1981’s Renegade was seen as departure from the bands usual heavy rock sound with a more polished production, the stand out track was Hollywood ‘Down on Your Luck’

    This vinyl reissue is on 180gm vinyl (with download code) with replica artwork


    Side A:

    • 1. Angel Of Death
    • 2. Renegade
    • 3. The Pressure Will Blow
    • 4. Leave This Town

    Side B:

    • 5. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
    • 6. No One Told Him
    • 7. Fats
    • 8. Mexican Blood
    • 9. It's Getting Dangerous

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