Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place (7inch Vinyl - Signed)

Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place (7inch Vinyl - Signed)

€ 11,99

    Release date: 23.04.2021 - Limited edition 

    Signed by all band members.

    • Side A: The Wrong Place
    • Side B: The Wrong Place Instrumental

    Hooverphonic has just released The Wrong Place, Belgium’s Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2021.

    ‘The Wrong Place’ is written by Alex Callier and Charlotte Foret, who caught Callier’s eye with her indie success single ‘Wasted Time’. Says Callier: “We heard Johnny Cash on the radio during a songwriting session. In jest, we gave ourselves the challenge to incorporate Johnny Cash in our new song. This resulted in the lyric ‘Don’t you ever dare to wear my Johnny Cash T-shirt’. The rest of the song is built around this phrase.”

    ‘The Wrong Place’ once again proves Hooverphonic’s flawless ability to reinvent their own iconic sound. “We didn’t write the song with the Eurovision Song Contest in mind. Not at all. But it kept popping up as a possible candidate. There was something about that song that made an impression. As per usual, this is a Hooverphonic tune that could be the soundtrack to a non-existing movie. The lyrics are inspired by Lee Hazelwood (who wrote ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’’ for Nancy Sinatra, and countless other classics). With the whiff of sarcasm, some sardonic humour, and the well-defined attitude as a result.”

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