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Culture Bunker 1978 - 82 (Store Exclusive 6CD Boxset)

Store Exclusive | 6 CD
Release: 02-06-2023

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These sets compile all the bands singles as well as 4 discs of unreleased of rare studio and live out- takes – Compiled by long time band publicist Mick Houghton who gained exclusive access to Julian Copes archive, these recordings show the evolution of one of the most influential bands of the Era from beginning to end. As well as some rare live shows

The book contains an essay and time-line from Mick who has interviewed Julian amongst others to recall the time when the band had the world at their feet and contains rare memorabilia from the time. The tracks have been re-mastered by Andy Pearce where ever possible from original tapes and cassettes.

This direct-to-consumer limited edition exclusive on both CD and Vinyl is the last word on one of the UK’s most revered bands.

The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD1 / It's So Ethereal - The Singles
1Sleeping Gas
2Camera Camera
3Kirby Workers Dream Fades
4Bouncing Babies
5All I Am Is Loving You
7Read It In Books
8When I Dream
11Strange House In The Snow
12Treason (It's Just A Story)
13Use Me
14Traison (C'est juste une histoire)
15Ha Ha I'm Drowning
16Poppies In The Field
The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD2 / Christ Versus Warhol - The Singles
1Passionate Friend
2Christ Versus Warhol
3Colours Fly Away
4East Of The Equator
5Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns
6Tiny Children
7Rachael Built A Steamboat
8You Disappear From View
10Ouch Monkeys
11Soft Enough For You
The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD3 / From Drug Puritan To Acid King - Demos
1Camera Camera
3Sleeping Gas
4Seeing Through You
5Straight Rain
6All I Am Is Loving You
7Read It In Books
8Jury Service
9Take A Chance
10The Tunnel
11Camera Camera
13Sleeping Gas
14Beauty Come Second
15Take A Chance
16Poppies In The Field
17Brave Boys Keep Promises
18Bouncing Babies
19Ha Ha I'm Drowning
20Second Head
21Went Crazy
22Thief Of Bagdad
23Save Me
24When I Dream
The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD4 / The Great Dominions - Demos
1Dialogue Between (Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns)
2For Years AKA Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere
3Suffocate (With Strings)
4Bent Out Of Shape
5Colours Fly Away
6Pure Joy
7Falling Down Around Me
8Passionate Friend
9Tiny Children
10…And The Fighting Takes Over
11The Culture Bunker
12The Great Dominions
13Butchers Tale
14Screaming Secrets
15Not My Only Friend
16I'm Not The Loving Kind
17World Shut Your Mouth
The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD5 / Club Zoo - Live
1Log Cabin
2Tiny Children
3Passionate Friend
4Bouncing Babies
5You Disappear From View
6Ha Ha I'm Drowning
8Culture Bunker
9Sleeping Gas
10Like Leila Khaled Said
12Bouncing Babies
13Vox Clamentis In Deserto
14Sleeping Gas
The Teardrop Explodes 6CD / CD6 / Death Rattle – Demos
1Whopper Kwalo Klobinsky's Lullaby
2You Disappear From View
3Log Cabin
4Serious Danger
5Count To Ten And Run For Cover
6Ouch Monkeys
7Icarus #1
10Flipped Out On LSD
11Your Big Lies
12Camera Camera
Releasedatum 02-06-2023
Producttype CD
Inhoud 6 CD
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EAN 0602435859408